Some things about me

My name is Peter Swire.

I wrote a relational calculus to help optimize my grocery shopping. That is the kind of thing I do for fun.

I am in a punk band with my brother. I play a hanna montana guitar, because that's what punk is.

My solo band is called State Machine.

The superhero I most relate with is Desolation Jones. My favorite is The Tick.

I double-majored in Computer Science and music.

For one of my performance requirements, I was not allowed to play guitar; I had to play my computer with my guitar plugged into it. I got pretty good at coding new and interesting effects. If you find me on r/guitar, I'll probably write you one.

I also play the viola da gamba. It's an extinct instrument that later went on to become the guitar family. One day, when I am rich, I will pick it back up.

I have about 20 guitars, many of which I have modified extensively. In high school, instead of practicing scales, I played guitar like it was a very weak AC generator.

I am a moderator on r/coding.

I've done a little traveling, but I have never lived abroad. I plan on living in each of the BRIC countries before I die.

I vote with my wallet. When I see a used book store, I go in and buy a math book, just so that used book stores will carry math books.

Broad! is my favorite magazine. My friend saw that no publications did what she needed, so she started one.

I am not a vegan, but I cook like one.